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Website Traffic

Useful Sites To Get You Traffic To Your Websites

Below You Will See Many Banner and
A Brief Outline Of Some Traffic Surfing Websites.
The Sites Will Generate Additional Traffic To Your Website
 If You Sign Up And Join Them.
All Are FREE To Join.

You Can Pay A Premium Cost To Upgrade
(to go to a site click the associated banner) - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use!

Tony Tezak, Tim Rash And Paul Kinder have built
what could very well be the perfect traffic system...
Tezak Traffic Power!

There are no less than eleven different ways to
advertise your business and it's all completely

This has to be seen to be believed. It is so so
powerful it's out of this world!
See for yourself... free...

After joining Traffic Dynamite I was quite impressed with
how easy it was to move through the members area
and the ease of setting up my advertising was a snap.

The video training that is provided was very informative
and educational. It was created by the owner and Traffic
Exchange consultant Dan Moses. Plenty of tips in using
Traffic Dynamite and any TE online for that matter.

Then when I reviewed the Commission plan and the fact
I can give away memberships and make residual income
on upgrades and One Time Offers I was excited. Then I
realized that they're even paying commissions on credit
purchase as well... something not many TEs do. Nice touch!


If you were mining for gold you would not

look in places where the seam has run dry,

nor would you go looking in places that

are full of fool’s gold!

Well it’s the same thing when you

are thinking about marketing Your online

business. You need to find the rich seams

that are full of real gold, in other words

places where there are like minded people

just like you. Look here:

Traffic Gold Rush

A brand new site called TE Command Post just
launched and it is amazing!

There has been talk about a lack of innovation
in traffic exchange world recently - well...

all that just got blown away!

It says on the home page that TE Command Post is
"so new and so unique it could very well be the
complete solution that YOU HADN'T EVEN DARED
TO DREAM you needed!

This program rocks and I would suggest that anyone
who's looking for quality traffic join up today. There's
a whole lot to gain from being a member and hey,
don't forget to take the offer... (you'll know what
I mean when you join) yes, the offer that you've got
to see... ClickMaster Pro is awesome! - ClickThru Marketing At It's Absolute Best!

We have spent months in the design and functionality of, we wanted to make the time spent on as pleasant as possible for our members. Try is out and you will quickly see that we live up to our words. WE DELIVER TRAFFIC. Not only that we are Unique and Fun. Traffic exchanges can be extremly tiring and boring. We do everything we can do make fun, exciting while delivering quality traffic.

ProTrafficShop has been online now for over 5 years operating as a Pro Advertising Network... And today ProTrafficShop has just been re-launched as a free to join TE. Join Dan Moses of PageSwirl as he re-launches this TE with a whole new look and upgraded script.

Packed with features and amazing tools, ProTrafficShop is a winning combination. Join today and put your website promotions into high gear.

Top quality traffic and an incredible money making opportunity. Join today! 

ProTrafficShop - Tune-Up Your Traffic

Dan Moses a well known name in traffic exchanges
brings you Clickn'Putt back to life as a free manual
traffic exchange.

Packed with the best features and amazing tools, Clickn'Putt
is a winning combination of golf terminology and marketing
genius rolled into one killer program.

I think you'll be as blown away as I was when you see
the new look and feel of this already popular exchange

Of course this was to be expected when joining one of
Dan and Brett's programs. This is their second program
they've co-owned together and with the success of
ProTrafficShop it was no surprise 4x4Hits has become
quite the success.

Personally I think their 4x4 Formula is brilliant and makes
perfect sense. If you can learn to focus your efforts there's
nothing you can't do... at least that's what my dad use to
say, or was it my coach? - Advertising is Tough but we're Tougher!

I've got to tell you about this really cool site I have found today. It's a brand new twist on a an age old concept in web site advertising and the best part, it's absolutely free!

It's called Sweeva and I've already seen some amazing results from it. It's not like anything you have ever experienced before but what is so cool is that it's very easy to set up and get working for your web site. It took me about 5 minutes to sign up and get started....

Be sure to check it out and experience what Sweeva calls 'social browsing'. You surf with hundreds of other members, you get to rate sites as they appear and you can network with like minded individuals.

Ooops, I almost forgot you get rewarded from rating sites, viewing sites and commenting on sites. This is the easiest way to promote any site you have ever wanted too...

Blue-Surf delivers traffic with the best. Even if you're
a free member the amount of page views you can earn is

* There are tons of bonuses every 20 pages you surf
* Regular surfing contests
* Unique "Average Surf".. get rewarded for being average!
* Special "Code Blue".. the surf ratio gets highered!

In fact, it has been reported that FREE members can earn
.63 credits per page view or HIGHER.

Fast Action Bonus

With Gone Clicking you KNOW your website is being
viewed by people who are highly interested in what you
have to offer. Why? Because it's stocked full of PAID members.
And that makes them your most sought-after group of
individuals online... the big Fish!

Let me reassure you... this program will be well worth
your time and effort! - Drop A Line With The Pros and Start Reeling In Sales Today!

Packed with features and amazing tools, GreasedLightningHits
is a fantastic advertising network built by surfers for surfers.

Just look at these 5 powerful advertising methods that make
up the Grease to our Advertising Success.

1. Page Views (you need visitors before you receive sales)
2. Text links (this tool can convert browsers into buyers quickly)
3. Banners (we've all seen them before and they still work today)
4. Email Marketing (once you refer members you can email them)
5. IMLoop (for Chat and Socializing)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg... you'll see - Traffic That's Faster Than Lighning!

I found a pretty cool site for getting free traffic to help my business grow.
I think you'll really like it!
It's called TrafficPunk. Check it out here

It's truly amazing and quite profitable. They're
offering some great advertising options and paying
out buckets of commissions to their members.

I've never seen a program like this launch with such
precision and slaying power.

Their membership is growing by leaps and bounds and
they're breaking records every day. You've got to
come on by this arena and Sharpen Your Marketing
Sword at GladiatorHits!

GladiatorHits - Traffic That Defies The Competition
I Love Hits offers three member options. When you sign up, you are a Light Weight member. This is the free member and gives you access to the I Love Hits members area. However, for members who want to either surf a lot and earn a better surf ratio, the Heavy Wight and Middle weight upgrades are available.

These options are for everyone. If you want to surf a lot, these options give you a tremendous surf ratio as well as many other bonuses. If you do not want to surf everyday, the upgrades give you guaranteed traffic each and every month is the fastest and most effective free advertising network on the net today. Ray White has out done himself with this one... by providing Top quality traffic and Commissions. Come Advertise with the Pros - Where the Pros go to Generate Quality Traffic & Cash!

Soaring4Traffic includes many advertising and income earning methods you can sink your teeth into or should I say talons We have Page Views, Text, Banner, and Email Marketing! Check us out today! - Swoop Down and Seize Your Success! - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use!

EasyLikes4U is an easy to use Social Networks Exchange System. With our system you can grow your Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, Twitter Re-Tweets, Myspace Friends Digg Followers, Stumbleupon Followers, Google +1's, Linkedin Shares, YouTube Views, Youtube Subscribers and Website Traffic for FREE. We allow you to pick and choose who you want to follow, like, friend, tweet, share, view or visit and skip those who you're not interested in.


Everybody is looking for traffic and there are many ways to get it.

The key though is to get effective traffic to your business.

Max Traffic Pro will do that for you.

See what our members are saying

"Oh man, the traffic delivery is the best in the industry right
now. It's rocking!!!!"

If you are an affiliate or a business owner and are looking for ways to drive traffic to your website, look no further!
We are a free to join Advertising Club with thousands of members eager and willing to view your website. Once credits are assigned, your site will go into immediate rotation where it will be viewed by all members surfing.
We are confident that we can bring not only high quality traffic to your site, but results as well

In just a few minutes you will be driving more buyers to your affiliate pages. These are real people all with one thing in common, they want to make money on the internet just like yourself. Your membership with us allows you to target buyers in the marketplace who are interested in what you have to offer. Our traffic exchange offers many unique features that others do not

Traffic Strikes has just launched... it's a Free Manual
Traffic Exchange that looks sweet. Natasha Beneby
(a brand new TE owner) has been trained, is backed
by top TE owners online and is ready to Go!

Packed with features and amazing tools, Traffic Strikes
is a winning combination of a Bowling Theme and top
traffic... Guaranteed to send your advertising strikes
every time!

TrafficStrikes - Get a Strike On Your Advertising

Herculist is a 100% optin safe-list. The system is very simple. Join for free and submit your ad to the Herculist database. Anything can be advertised as long as it is legal, and not adult material related!
When you join Herculist you will instantly receive your personal Herculist site. This site will be needed to login to the members area so that you can submit your ad. You can also promote your site and earn commissions by sponsoring new Pro or Gold members! Many current Herculist members are earning substantial incomes from promoting their Herculist sites!

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